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Nvidia releases latest driver package

Version 91.47 now available for download

By Hard Reg

Posted in Hardware, 4th September 2006 10:32 GMT

Nvidia has updated its ForceWare 90 drivers. Version 91.47 is now available for download and essentially rolls the company's Quad SLI drivers, previously available separately as ForceWare 91.45, into the standard package. It also adds support or the GeForce 7600 GS AGP and 7100 GS products.

The graphics-chip maker also said the driver features enhancments to its PureVideo image processing system, such as post-process noise reduction and image sharpening, plus improvements to inverse telecine and de-interlacing code. It also improves the drivers' compatibility with third-party MPEG 2 decoders.

The updated driver package is available here. ®