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Neuros brings SD card support back to MPEG 4 Recorder

Memory Stick not lost

By Hard Reg

Posted in Personal Tech, 10th August 2006 14:40 GMT

First Neuros' MPEG 4 Recorder had an SD card slot. Then it got a Memory Stick slot instead. Now it's got the SD slot back, fortunately without losing the PSP-friendly Memory Stick compatibility. The company is offering the MPEG 4 Recorder 2 Plus, just like its predecessor but now fitted with a multi-format card reader which does MMC too.

neuros mpeg 4 recorder plus

Like past versions of the device, there's a separate CompactFlash slot on the Plus, which costs $160 - $10 more than the still-available Recorder 2. More details from Neuros' website.

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