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Create improved human, win prizes

Reg goodies up for grabs

By Team Register

Posted in Site News, 15th May 2006 10:40 GMT

Competition Here's a challenge for all you Photoshop jockeys: create an improved human for the chance to win Reg t-shirts and goodie bag overflowing, cornucopia style, with the fruits of Vulture Central.

The inspiration for this evolutionary great leap forward comes from our new Odd Body strand, which has proved very popular with you, our beloved readers. Specifically, Dr Stephen Juan recently listed those things which would take us one step closer to biological perfection, viz:

Your job, then, is to provide an "our artist's impression of how we believe Human 2.0™ might look" - of which the best will appear in a prize-packed Reg special.

The deadline for entries is Friday 26 June 5.00pm GMT. We'll take jpegs, gifs, tiffs or pngs, but please try and keep the individual file sizes below 100k. Email your efforts to us right here. Happy genetic engineering. ®


We don't know how many prizes there will be - that depends on the quality of entries. Regular readers will know we are always generous with our gifts.