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419ers open flat rental agency

Luxury London pad - yours for £350 a month

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 11th May 2006 12:02 GMT

We're obliged today to reader Alexander Livingstone who has just alerted us to the fact that the Lads from Lagos - or the Lass in this case - have moved into the London property rental business.

A female friend of Alexander's was simply checking out some rental prices and was rather surprised to receive the following email from a loquacious Jane Baileys:

From: Jane Baileys [mailto:ba2255ja@yahoo.co.uk]
Sent: 05 May 2006 10:33
To: ba2255ja@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: The room with pictures attached


Thank you very much for the reply and interest in my flat. I will tell you all that i feel you need to know about the flat now because i am presently at Southampton in a private hospital where i am with my grandmother who has been critically sick for sometimes now.

My name is Jane Baileys,25.I am a working university graduate and i am planning to go for my Masters Degree Program in International Finance.My mother is dead but i have a grandmother who is at the hospital right now and i am staying with her.She is the only surving relative that i have and an aunt.My father seperated from my mother while i was only 3 years old and he has been living in Australia ever since then with the new wife he married and his children.However, don't let me bore you with my story and tell you about the room.

The flat is a newly bought one which my mother bought before she died and left for me in her will as her only child.The room i am renting out is a beautiful,big standard room which is very neat as you can see in the pics, i dont tolerate dirtiness,that is why you will see the room so neat and it has the following:

-A big standard bed which can sleep two people.
-A television connected to the cable.
-A refridgerator and there is another in the kitchen.
-A private bathroom with toilet.
-A drawer unit.

However,the flat itself has the following for your benefit:

-A big living room fully furnished with a television connected to the cable,a sound system,heater and airconditioner depending on what we want at any particular time.
-Internet facilities available which i connect my laptop to but if you have a laptop, you can bring along so that you can get connected as well but in case you do not have,we can always share mine.
-A fully furnished kitchen which you can use for your cookings
-A washing machine.
-Garage which the building has on its own.
-Tube station is about 5-7 mins walk from the flat.
-Close to hospital and shopping mall.(walking distance)

The house is located on Norfolk Square,Paddington here in London and the closest tube station is the Paddington tube station and the security in the neighbourhood is high.

The payment is thus:

Rent is 350 pounds per month plus appoximately 150 pounds for utilities+cable+internet service per person.The average utilities comes to about 80 pounds per month,cable is about 30 pounds per month and the internet is about 40 pounds per month which brings everything to a total of approximately 150 pounds per month and bringing the total rent per month to about 500 pounds per month.However,i collect 600 pounds refundable security deposit if unutilized,i collect this security deposit with one months rent in advance before you move in,the security deposit can be used to pay for your last months rent if unutilized

Before i collect the payment, i send to you the rental agreement/contract form via e-mail so that you can read and then i collect payment and thereafter, i send to you the dully signed rental agreement/contract form with the rent receipt,you send back to me a copy of the rental agreement form signed by you and then we know that we have a contract in force.

The reason why i am renting out this room is because i need to raise my grandmothers medical bill as she has since becomes my resposibility ever since my mother died and i have promised my mom on her sick bed at her pont of death that i was going to take care of her mother(my grandmother) as this was her dying wish and i am ready to fulfil her wish.However, she is about the only survivg relative that i have for now and i do not want to loose her to the cold hands of death.Moreso,i do not want some unserious people to start wasting my time on this rent and this is the reason why i am collecting the payment in advance so that i can see the finanacial commitment and also my granny will be undergoing a surgery soon and i will have to pay up the surgery deposit, i will need to add up this rent payment to the money i have being able to gather together.

I have attached and sent the pics of the flat to you so that you can see what you are paying for.I am pet friendly so you can bring along you pet with you although i dont have any pet.I would have loved you to come and visit and see the flat yourself but i am in the hospital with my granny who really needs my company now as the doctors said that she is not responding to treatment and that it is advisable to have me as her relative to be around her so that this can aid her response to treatment since this will affect her psychologically,this the reason why i have taken my time to take the pics and send them to you so that you can see the room.If you are okay with the room,you can let me know so that i can send to you the rental agreement form so that you can read and proceed to payment and then i will be able to secure the room for you and to show that you are really serious about the whole thing.

It was just unfortunate that my mother died just immediately she bought it and she did not even lived in it for a single day because the interior decorations was the work going on in the flat before she passed on.

Thank God for the invention of the internet which has made things so easy these days like we are sending information to each other now via this mail.Although i do not really have access to the internet always at this hospital but i only use the one in the office of a doctor which i have access to for sometimes in a day,so i will always reply your mail everyday.

I will be waiting to read from you but do not bother to reply me if you are not okay with my terms and condition so that we do not waste our times.Thanks once again for the interest in my room while i wait to read from you.

ps: please remember my grandmother in your prayers, i do not want to see her die now.

There are indeed pictures of this magnificent pad. At £350 a month, it's an absolute bargain:

That 419 flat share in all its glory

Sadly, though, when the potential tenant asked Jane to see the room, she replied that she couldn't make it. Which is unsurprising, since the bright sparks among you will have spotted the point of the inset and big red arrow we added to the above montage: the flat's foreign plug sockets* which indicate it is not located anywhere near Paddington. This, we believe, is the first time a potential 419 scam has been thwarted by an electrical installation.

Regarding Jane's granny, she will indeed be in our prayers tonight and we hope her granddaughter succeeds in rustling up the deposit for the surgery. ®

Electrical installation clarification

European two-pin plug socket plus kettle*Thanks to all those readers who've written in to say that the plug socket in question is in fact a UK shaver socket. We think not, or not at least for use in a bathroom, where you have to use a two pin job (no earth) incorporating a double wound isolating transformer, which keeps your moist body suitably protected, and makes the faceplate of the whole thing considerably bigger than this example.

This is almost certainly a bog standard Euro-style two-pin socket with two earth flanges. It is common practice abroad to use normal sockets in bathrooms, showers and right next to metal kitchen sinks, which explains why the population of Spain, for example, has been in slow decline for decades.

As further evidence, we've provided a blow-up of the kitchen worktop area of the above montage (see pic). That kettle is communing with a continental two-pin, and no mistake.