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Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 Ecommerce

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By Team Register

Posted in Site News, 31st March 2006 14:37 GMT

Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 E-Commerce: From Novice to ProfessionalCash'n'Carrion This book follows the ecommerce site creation process through from design to deployment, demonstrating proven approaches to building. The power of this book is this complete approach from the beginning right to the end of the project. The ecommerce site in the book is built in phases, showing website developers how to make use of third-party shopping-cart and payment facilities, suitable for a small operation. The book then gradually brings more and more functionality into the site, developing eventually into a complete online shopping and order processing system. Solid architectural principles are demonstrated throughout, with modular, n-tier design.

Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 Ecommerce: From Novice to Professional's shows real code that works in the real world, and teaches by example as it builds this ecommerce site. The phased-approach gets the reader up and running with a working but simple ecommerce store quickly, but also allows the site design to be flexible and grow over time to a more advanced solution. Different readers can stop along this journey at whatever point they need, if the website that is built suits their needs at that point.

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