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Verizon to pay CBS for video content

'Survivor' via fibre

By John Oates

Posted in Networks, 22nd March 2006 11:56 GMT

Verizon is paying CBS an undisclosed amount for access to its analog and digital content as well as video-on-demand.

Verizon will retransmit the content on its FiOS TV service delivered via fibre-optic network. The network is available in some parts of seven states. The company was already using CBS content under a previous agreement.

Prices were not disclosed by sources told Reuters it was likely to be about 50 cents a subscriber.

More from Reuters here or the press release is here.

Verizon is building a fibre-optic cable network to homes across America. It is banking on consumers downloading an awful lot of content. Its FiOS TV system offers personal video recorders, movies on-demand and high-defintion sets.®