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ID cards jinxed by lefties

Big companies are bound to bodge it

By Mark Ballard

Posted in Policy, 18th January 2006 14:21 GMT

Privacy is not the only reason to be worried about ID cards - there's also the bozos the government is getting to install the system that runs them, says Corporate Watch.

Anti-corporate lobbyists at Corporate Watch issued a rogues gallery of corporate cowboys who are either working with the government on ID Cards or have expressed an interest in doing so.

Their poor track record* makes for an entertaining read, but this is not your common or garden blinkered corporate bashing. Corporate Watch finds room to apportion the blame in equal measure between government and suppliers - something, coincidentally, that government and suppliers have never been able to agree themselves.

The CW report, "A critical analysis of private companies' engagement with the identity cards scheme", takes an appropriate swipe at lazy and secretive government procurement practices.®