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Tritium-fuelled watches debut at Cash'n'Carrion

Glow-in-the-dark timepieces

By Cash'n'Carrion

Posted in Site News, 29th September 2005 11:18 GMT

Tritium-powered illuminationCash'n'Carrion Our old mate tritium - as featured in the now legendary Glowring - has resurfaced at Reg merchandising tentacle Cash'n'Carrion, but this time in a more useful role than simply providing an entertaining keyring with which to amaze your friends.

Yes indeed, a small, atomically-powered round of applause if you please for the Nite range of tritium-illuminated timepieces, encompassing the MX10 (on right), MX20 and MX 30 at £119.11 (£139.95 inc VAT), £170.17 (£199.95 inc VAT) and £161.66 (£189.95 inc VAT), respectively.

And you get plenty of bangs for your bucks, with no less than 15 or 16 (depending on model) GTLSs (Gaseous Tritium Light Sources) spread across the hour markers and hour, minute and second hands.

The MX10 by daylightThe specs of the MX 10 (seen here by daylight) are:

The MX20The tough MX20 "Time Tank" boasts:

The MX30While the MX30 offers:

Pics of all three watches are available at Cash'n'Carrion and, if you're a bit of an aficionado of all things atomic, we still carry the magnificent "Nite Glowring Safety Marker" (aka the Atomic Keyring) in blue, green and pink at £8.08 (£9.49 inc VAT). Illuminating stuff. ®