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Hands-On Microsoft Access tutorial

Get up to speed at 30% off

By Team Register

Posted in Site News, 21st September 2005 10:03 GMT

Hands-On Microsoft AccessSite offer Access is one of the most widely-used pieces of software, but many of its users find it vexing to really understand and use well. This is because you can't master Access without an understanding of how a relational database management system works, and many Access users lack that training. While there are many books on Access, most of them are either introductory tutorials on how to use Access's features, or big comprehensive references. Hands-On Microsoft Access fills this gap.

In plain English, Hands-On Microsoft Access helps you master crucial principles for building flexible, powerful databases. Discover how to enter data more easily, retrieve it more freely, manipulate it more successfully, analyze it with greater sophistication, and share it more effectively. Author Bob Schneider’s dozens of hands-on examples thoroughly demystify Access, and his friendly, conversational style makes it more approachable than ever before. Save 30% on Hands-On Microsoft Access, and thousands of other titles at The Register Bookshop.

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