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Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design at 30% off

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Posted in Site News, 27th April 2005 12:17 GMT

Aspect-Oriented Analysis and DesignSite offer Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a revolutionary new way to think about software engineering. AOP was introduced to address crosscutting concerns such as security, logging, persistence, debugging, tracing, distribution, performance monitoring, and exception handling in a more effective manner. Unlike conventional development techniques, which scatter the implementation of each concern into multiple classes, aspect-oriented programming localizes them.

Aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) uses this approach to create a better modularity for functional and nonfunctional requirements, platform specifics, and more, allowing you to build more understandable systems that are easier to configure and extend to meet the evolving needs of stakeholders. Thanks to its great promise as an approach to simplifying the development of complex systems, many expert observers view AOSD as a worthwhile successor to the prevalent object-oriented paradigm.

In this new book - Aspect-Oriented Analysis and Design, two AOSD experts apply theory to the practical realm of real-world development. They explain the different kinds of aspects, help the reader identify them, and provide guidance on successful design and implementation. The result is an applicable and easy-to-digest methodology for simplifying and optimizing the development of software systems.

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