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The week's coolest gadgets

By Tech Digest

Posted in Personal Tech, 21st April 2005 10:26 GMT

Tech Digest The Register may cover everything most sane people would ever want to know about technology, but for certified gadget obsessives Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny scours Gizmoville for the rest:

Obligatory iPod Accessory of the Week: C Ronson iPod Hoodie

iPod HoodieAs we know sadly all too well the iPod is now on its way from being the cutting edge toy of the well-heeled uber-geek to the preserve of, well, the Chav. Don't believe us? Well take a peek at this $24 iPod Hoodie from C Ronson. We'd like to think that the hundreds of people who have snapped one up are doing it in an ironic fashion, but alas the fluorescent pink towelling finish is probably a perfect match for their trackie top.

Traditional 'how did that get on eBay' story: Sony NW-HD5

Sony NW-HD5It is being billed as the first Sony Walkman that can give the Apple iPod a run for its money (yawn, yawn), but with its diddy dimensions, battery life of 30 hours and shock proof technology we reckon the Sony NW-HD5 20 Gigabyte hard disk personal audio player will fly out of the stores when it goes on sale in the UK/US in June.

But hey why bother waiting until then? As Bayraider (http://www.bayraider.tv/2005/04/sonny_cooler_th.html) reports one Japanese dealer has a load of them in all three of the player's colours, silver, red and black, which it is selling on eBay. Last time we looked the price was a pretty reasonable $341. Not bad when you consider you'll pay £200 for one in a month or so's time.

Cool Gadget finally reaches the UK story: NHJ VTV-201

NHJ's long awaited TV watch the VTV-201 finally goes on sale this week in the UK via online retailer Firebox (www.firebox.com). Essentially the same model that has been a hit in both the US and Japan the £129.99 VTV-201 features a 1.5inch LCD screen which snaps into a holder to create a rather large wrist watch. There's no on board speakers. Instead sound is relayed to the user via a set of earphones which also double as the watch's aerial. The VTV-201 is analogue terrestrial TV only - it might be a tad tricky attaching a Sky dish to your arm - and pulls in signals from five UK channels. It has a battery life of one hour - much longer if the user is just checking the time and date and not tuning into Emmerdale.

Handy USB Gadget of the week: Cup warmer

USB Cup warmerCoffee and computers are a pretty good mix. Nothing keeps you sustained through a late night session of untangling spreadsheets more than a serious jolt of caffeine. But what if your coffee (or beverage of choice) starts to get cold? The answer is obvious: you buy a USB cup warmer. Available for £12.95 from Paramount Zone (http://paramountzone.com/usbcupwarmer.htm) these little wonders not only keep your cup warm, but come with a four port USB hub. Just think - you could keep five drinks warm at once! Ahh, the power.

Useful Gadget of the Week: Optoma H27 projector with air purifier

Optoma H27 projectorProjectors may are not often associated with the ladies, but this gadget speaks across the genders to neurotics of either sex. After all, who hasn't found themselves in the middle of a favourite movie only to catch a whiff of some foul miasma making its way merrily up your nostrils? As well as projecting your highly tasteful and cultured DVD collection onto your walls, Optoma's H27 home entertainment projector also comes with a built in Photo Catalytic three stage Titanium dioxide air purifier. It de-odorises any pongs, takes out the bacteria and then removes harmful hydrocarbons. Stay in watching movies enough and you won't be able to step outside your door without succumbing to the first germ you inhale. But at least the air will be kept pong-proof. The H27 retails for £845.

Quick Picks:

Toshiba gigabeat Pretty impressive collection of hard-disk-based personal audio players which will be hitting the UK in June.

Waterproof MP3 players for swimmers Coming soon are new models from the Ministry of Sound and Oregon Scientific

Nikon D50 and D70 Possibly the most complete budget Digital SLRs are given a revamp

Do you know the way to San Jose? Toyota debuts combined in car navigation/karaoke system

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