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Optimize your Linux Performance

Top tuning primer at 30% off

By Team Register

Posted in Site News, 21st April 2005 09:29 GMT

Optimizing Linux® PerformanceSite offer Superior application performance is becoming increasingly crucial - and in today's complex production environments, it's tougher to ensure, too. If you use Linux, you have extraordinary advantages: complete source code access, plus an exceptional array of optimization tools. But the tools are scattered across the internet. Many are poorly documented. And few experts know how to use them together to solve real problems. Now, one of those experts has written the definitive Linux tuning primer for every professional: Optimizing Linux® Performance.

Renowned Linux benchmarking specialist Phillip Ezolt introduces each of today's most important Linux optimization tools, showing how they fit into a proven methodology for perfecting overall application performance. Using realistic examples, Ezolt shows developers how to pinpoint exact lines of source code that are impacting performance. He teaches sysadmins and application developers how to rapidly drill down to specific bottlenecks, so they can implement solutions more quickly.

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