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Sam's Unleashed at 30% off

Big savings on big books

By Team Register

Posted in Site News, 9th February 2005 11:51 GMT

Site offer When there's only room on the shelf for one book, Unleashed is the answer. Sams' Unleashed series is designed with the technology professionals in mind, those who already understand the basics of a technology (or who are familiar with other closely related technologies), and who either want to expand their knowledge or want to be able to solve specific advanced-level problems.

Titles cover operating systems, networking, programming, databases and web development. The books are organized so that coverage of each sub-topic stands on its own, providing a depth of coverage not found in an average tutorial or introductory reference book.

We've selected a handful of these exhaustive guides below, but don't forget you can save 30 per cent on any book in the Reg bookshop.

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