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Job Opportunity: Sales Executive

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By Team Register

Posted in The Company, 29th September 2004 07:32 GMT

Job Title: Sales Executive

Department: Advertising Sales

Address: The Register
Telephone: 020 7733 3021
Website: www.theregister.co.uk

Company Background

The Register hit the Web as a daily UK based news operation in May 1998. In November 2003 more than 2.2 million unique users (ABCe) visited the site. According to some industry monitors, it is the dominant force in the UK and amongst the top 2 globally in its market.

With readership and inventory growing at more than 10% year on year, The Register offers a unique and genuinely exciting opportunity for the right candidate.

Main Contacts

Media agencies, advertisers, trafficking team and internal colleagues.

Line Reports

Responsible to Account Manager who will act as main contact and on-the-job trainer.

Promotional Opportunities

The subsequent role is that of Account Handler. This brings managerial responsibility and more involved agency contact. No date can be set for this, but will be governed by individual success, and vacancies arising.

Job Role

Candidate Requirements

The ideal candidate will already have at least one years media sales experience, ideally online and in the technology sector. An interest in technology is a must.

The candidate must:


Renumeration depending on experience

Hours Of Work: 0930-1730

Holidays: 25 Days

Probation Period: 3 months

Notice Period: 1 month

Training: Internal, on-the-job, and external courses when required

This roll will be based in the UK with the majority of work being undertaken from the central London office.


Please direct your CV/Resume to Philip Mitchell.