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XP and UP guides at 30% off

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Posted in Site News, 9th June 2004 09:04 GMT

Site Offer A revolution in software development is underway which is shaking up how software is built. The new methodology includes Extreme Programming (XP) and the Unified Process (UP), united under a common theme: iterative and agile development.

Agile and iterative methods have emerged as the most popular approaches to software development, and with good reason. Research shows that iterative methods reduce the risk of failure, compared to traditional models of development. Agile and Iterative Development is the definitive guide: what they are, how they work, how to implement them—and why you should. The book is an efficient introduction for both managers and practitioners that need a distilled and carefully organised learning aid for the hands-on practices from planning to requirements to testing and the values that define these methods.

Whether you're an IT executive, project manager, student of software engineering, or developer, Craig Larman will help you understand the promise of agile/iterative development, sell it throughout your organisation and transform the promise into reality.

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