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BT engineer denies deflowering lesbian

Telco launches investigation into Internet auction suspect

By Tim Richardson

Posted in Bootnotes, 24th March 2004 21:38 GMT

BT is investigating claims that one of its engineers had sex with a lesbian student who auctioned her virginity for £8,400.

Weekend press reports said that a 44-year-old BT engineer from South London paid for sex with Rosie Reid, 18, following her online auction.

Ms Reid is to use the cash to pay for university tuition fees.

A spokesman for the monster telco told The Register that while an employee had come forward, he has denied any involvement.

He has told his employers, though, that he is being hounded by the press.

A spokesman for the telco said: "BT is looking into the matter to see whether any conditions of employment have been breached.

"At the moment, we're more concerned about the welfare of our employee," he said. ®

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