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Fedora, Jolt award nominees and Valentine's Day special

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By Team Register

Posted in Site News, 5th February 2004 18:04 GMT

Site Offer This week at the Reg bookstore, we've got.......Red Hat Linux Fedora, six Jolt award nominees PLUS our usual mix of computing and other interest titles. Don't forget to check out our 'red hot' online dating Valentine's special.

We've also expanded your bookshop and added three new shelves:

Red Hat Linux Fedora Jolt nominees

The Software Development Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards are presented on an annual basis to products, books, and websites that have "jolted" the industry with their impact on creating faster, easier, and more efficient software. The Register bookstore is proud to offer six of the finalists from the following two categories.

General books:

Technical books:Valenties Day Special:

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