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Some points missed in Return of the ‘free’ PC

The CDs! The hackers!

By Drew Cullen

Posted in Bootnotes, 16th December 2003 14:01 GMT

Letter The Return of the free PC

From Richard Lloyd, Liverpool

My personal opinion is that the PC sells at 411 quid on IBM's site (plus the cost of a monitor, let's round it up to 500 quid...somewhat short of the 800 quid the press releases have been saying) and if a user can't afford a 500 quid setup, then they're not going to be buying anything remotely expensive that's advertised to them.

Conclusion: Metronomy's scheme is doomed and is very unlikely to last the full three years. PCs are just too cheap now (I got my last white box one - minus monitor - for 219 quid) for this scheme to ever work again - not that it did the first time around. ®