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Fly Egyptair and earn a place in paradise

Airline flogs loyalty points scheme - Shariaa style

By Lester Haines

Posted in Bootnotes, 11th March 2003 10:10 GMT

Globetrotting Reg readers who are looking for a bit more from their airline's frequent flyer programme might be interested in a new initiative from Egyptair.

It appears that the company has eschewed the bog-standard free flight/first-class lounge approach and instead targeted the hardline Shariaa market:

The Egyptair Frequent Flayer Scheme

We'll be keeping a close eye on this business strategy with a view to offering our own incentives to the exceptionally pious: Collect ten Torquemada Tokens and win exemption from purgatory? Over to the Vulture Central marketing tentacle... ®


Thanks to reader Mat Ellis who spotted this delicious typo.