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Win2k SP3 live tomorrow, but downloadable today

Another SP, another minor blooper...

By John Lettice

Posted in Software, 31st July 2002 09:05 GMT

Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 is out, available now to the company's major customers, and to everybody else from Thursday. It currently being Wednesday, and Microsoft's record on dispensing service packs in an orderly and controlled manner being what it is, you will be entirely unsurprised that you can currently download it anyway, here.

There does seem some trace of a front page for the service pack at microsoft.com, and this presumably will be operational tomorrow, but right now it's not. The link above is currently leaking across the web, so you can expect it to slow down pretty soon. Neowin, bless 'em, have unearthed a link to the German version, so our BundesBuddies may have a route round download hell. Or you could always wait until the crush dies down and it's official, of course... ®