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Haxploitation: the complete Reg guide to hackers in film

The first crypto-porn movie and Star Wars joins the list

By John Leyden

Posted in Bootnotes, 3rd August 2001 12:47 GMT

updated Register readers have come up trumps again by pointing out the various omissions in our list of 20 films featuring hackers or hacking.

You managed to come up with a list of 20 films of your own in the hacker-film sub-genre, or as Reg readers have christened it, Haxploitation flicks

So, with the list of films in our earlier story, we've now got a comprehensive list of Hollywood's various attempts to create a convincing portrayal of hacking on celluloid. Armed with the two lists, which make up 40 films, we decided to take a poll of the office in order to come up with a Register top ten list for you to disagree with. ®


After we closed the list of films to vote on a fresh batch of nominated films came in from readers. Here's some the best of them...

Movies like Star Wars and Three Days of the Condor would have probably made our top 10 list if they'd arrived before our deadline. But we had to draw the line somewhere. Thanks for all the readers who contributed with ideas for this list, which was fun to draw up, but is now closed.

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