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AMD ASPs, 760MP sketch etc.

A mixed bag

By David Ross

Posted in Hardware Roundup, 14th May 2001 16:09 GMT

HW Roundup This German student puts the slide-rule through AMD average selling prices and publishes twice a week in handy Excel format here. The site has plenty to interest investor types too.

The Inquirer has a sketch of the 760MP Bus setup.... I am not going to ask how they got the information down the pub.. have a look



At CeBIT Via was pushing the KT266 harder than anything. Shame it isn't mature and working properly yet. VIA Hardware today looks at this



Storage Review puts the Cheetah 73LP 10K SCSI Drive through its considerable paces.



HardOCP tours VisonTEK, the graphics card maker. So if you can't afford one it will be a busy weekend and lots of components. Read