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Real sues Lockstream over trade secrets

...which we had all along - defendant

By Andrew Orlowski

Posted in Software, 19th March 2001 17:27 GMT

Real Networks is suing a former employee alleging theft of source code, according to court filings seen by the Seattle Times.

Lockstream hired Chad Storey, a team leader at Real, late last year. By doing so, alleges Real, Storey broke an agreement not to work for a competitor for twelve months after leaving Real. Lockstream maintains that had been working on similar technology long before hiring Storey.

Real has already won a restraining order against Storey and Lockstream, preventing the latter from destroying code Storey worked on, the Seattle Times reports. A Lockstream spokesman confirmed that Lockstream had been working on the disputed technology prior to Storey's arrival, but couldn't comment on specifics. ®