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IBM using AMD in its servers?

The rumour mill keeps a-churning

By Lucy Sherriff

Posted in Business, 26th February 2001 17:16 GMT

A recent posting on a Yahoo! message board has sparked a rumour that IBM is planning to use AMD chips in its new server.

An IBM executive was flying back from Germany and got into a conversation with an interested party, apparently a 102 year old man called Sevnotrump.

During the conversation the IBM exec let it slip that the company is going to use chips from AMD in its new server. IBM has four server series: x-series, p-series, i-series and z-series. The x-series is Intel-based PC servers.

So far, there has been no denial from IBM, although a company spokeswoman said that IBM had made "no announcements" about any joint venture with AMD. ®

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