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Chipzilla confirms prices cuts

What did we say?

By Tony Smith

Posted in The Channel, 31st January 2001 11:10 GMT

OK, so it was a day or so later than expected, but Intel has at last hacked back the prices of its current line-up of desktop and mobile, pro and consumer-oriented processors.

Chipzilla confirmed the cuts yesterday.

As predicted, the reductions are greatest on the Pentium III and Pentium 4 parts, to shift the former and begin broadening the appeal of the latter.

"We are transitioning between the Pentium III generation and the Pentium 4 generation," said Intel spokesfolk Mike Sullivan, speaking to the Dow Jones newswire. "The way to accelerate that transition is to work hard on manufacturing technology to make the Pentium 4 more affordable across all system categories."

You can read our summary of the latest price cuts here. ®

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