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Intel in deep doo-doo as HQ's drains fail

Those old familiar faeces...

By Tony Smith

Posted in Bootnotes, 1st December 2000 10:24 GMT

The old phrase 'it's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it' came literally true this week, we hear, when the plumbing failed at Intel's SC12 building at its Santa Clara HQ.

We've always taken AMD fans' claims that Intel processors are shit with a pinch of salt, but as excrement bubbled up out of the drains and across the car park, we wonder if they have a point.

Nothing could compare to the whiff pervading Chipzilla Central yesterday morning, we imagine.

Chipzilla's emergency plumbers were rushed to the scene to hose down staffers' cars, now decked out in a rather curious brown hue with an interesting pebble-dash motif.

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