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ZDnet UK hits mother of all millennium bugs

Sheee...it... What day is it?

By The Doctor

Posted in Business, 25th February 2000 19:57 GMT

Grief, do they think we have nothing better to do than deal with bizarre ZDNet UK stories? Richard Barry's curious belief (and apparently, that of his partner in crime, Psion founder David Potter) that the Russians lost the battle of Stalingrad perhaps gives us a clue. Wave after wave of dud stories is being aimed at us in order to tie down our highly mobile and massively experienced forces. But again, we can't let this one pass. ZDNet UK has hit the mother of all millennium bugs, as you can see here. Should someone have fixed it before you get there - and frankly, it being 8pm UK time Friday, we doubt it - it appears that Will "Linux" Knight is reporting assidously from CeBIT in the year 20,000...