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Pentium III/600 on sale in Japan

Intel hasn't even confirmed its price or release date yet

By Mike Magee

Posted in Business, 13th July 1999 09:00 GMT

Once again, the Japanese stores in the electronic district of Tokyo seem to have got the drop on the CPU companies. This store is listing the Pentium III/600, which officially doesn't start selling until the end of the month, at ¥99,800 yen. Our friends at Tom's Hardware Page said they will stroll down to the shop to see if there are actually chips in stock or not. (See also our story, early this month: Intel turns Pentium III/600 price screw on AMD K7). And meanwhile, reports are reaching us from Israel, which we shall try to confirm later today, that Intel has made unexpected price reductions on its Pentium II family. When the Pentium III/600 is officially launched, the word on the street is that there will be another set of price cuts across the desktop range. The 600MHz Pentium III is a .25 micron beastie, with what is described by one Intel Insider as a "SuperKatmai" core... Intel's financial results are out this evening. ®