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Email tax a ‘hoax’ claims US Postal Service

It wouldn't say no to a 'five cents an email' fee, though

By Tony Smith

Posted in Business, 29th June 1999 12:05 GMT

The US Postal Service has branded as "completely false" rumours circulating by email that the US government is planning to levy a surcharge on email usage. The email claims the per-message fee would be donated to the Postal Service to cover the $230 million in revenue it has lost as people send letters electronically rather than through the mail. It says that a Republican Congressman, Tony Schnell, has suggested a "20-40 dollar per month surcharge" on ISPs, while the government is considering a five cents a message fee. However, the Postal Service said that not only did it have no right whatsoever to levy such a charge, but that there is no Congressman Schnell. "No such legislation exists," it added. ®