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IBM certifies four Linux versions for servers

And seems to be exhibiting a general increase in level of commitment

By John Lettice

Posted in Business, 25th May 1999 09:11 GMT

IBM is increasing its commitment to Linux with a series of announcements, including the certification of four major Linux versions, Caldera, SuSE, Pacific HiTech, and Red Hat as 'ready to run' on IBM Netfinity 3000 and 5000 servers. In addition, the company is extending its ServerProven Solutions programme, which tests software for compatibility with various Netfinity configurations, to Linux operating systems and applications, with the Applixware productivity suite to be certified. IBM will also be setting up a Web-based forum for customers, resellers and developers and will be issuing betas of Linux device drivers for its ServRAID adapter via distributors and the Web. ®