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You want God’s email address – we got it

Well, not exactly, but we know a Bishop who has

By Tim Richardson

Posted in Business, 14th May 1999 15:42 GMT

A chaplain at one of the UK's most hallowed academic institutions has been accused of blasphemy after using the word "God" in his email address. The Rev Bruce Kinsey, (god@dow.cam.ac.uk) who looks after his flock at Cambridge University, shrugs his shoulders at those who condemn him for heresy and thinks they've blown it out of all proportion. In a statement Rev Kinsey said: "I have been using the letters G-O-D as a address for email to be sent to, not as a user name. "I am still listed as the Rev Bruce Kinsey in the university address book," he said. But speaking in The Guardian a fellow man of the cloth said: "It's tactless, tacky, needlessly offensive and not funny." ®