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Flip Ultra

Video Review Today, we're checking out The Flip, a point-and-shoot video recorder for the YouTube generation. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from It’s easy to draw comparisons with the iPod. The Flip definitely favours simplicity - and, some would argue, constraint - against flexibility and power. But its gimmick - …

Four high-end iPod Docks

Video Round-up Today on the testing bench we’re looking at speaker docks for your iPod - but not the average thing you might splash 50 quid on and stick in your kitchen. Can't see the video? Then download Flash Player from These docks all cost upwards of £125 and are designed for those who appreciate serious audio quality. Hailing …

LG Secret KF750 phone

Video Review The Secret is LG’s latest Black Label phone. These phones are supposed to be among the swankiest on the market, and this one certainly looks the part. It’s got a touchscreen, five-megapixel camera, HSDPA 3G, Divx playback and some very funky soft buttons. But how well does it actually fare in everyday usage? Can't see the …

Apple iPhone 3G

Video Review The iPhone 3G went on sale this morning, and we were down at our local O2 store before opening this morning to pick up ours, thanks to the nice chaps at O2 - the UK’s exclusive iPhone carrier. Can't see the video? Download Flash PLayer from More video reviews at Round-up Ten 3G iPhone alternatives …

Sony PS3 sub-£300 Blu-ray Disc player

Video Review For the final part of our cheapie Blu-ray group test, we’re looking at the Sony PS3. It’s at the top of the price range - at £299 - but given that you get a high-end games console as well, it’s a decent deal. Can't see the video? Download FlashPlayer from Related Video Reviews Sharp BDHP20H Blu-ray Disc player …

Sharp BDHP20H sub-£300 Blu-ray Disc player

Video Review The second of our three sub-£300 Blu-ray players is this little baby from Sharp. It comes in at £250, and it provides a decent range of features. But how well does it perform? Can't see the video? Download FlashPlayer from Related Video Review Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Disc player More video reviews at ChannelFlip. …

Asahi premiers pint-pulling robo-barman

Video Report Friends, does life get any better than this? It’s a robot. It grins. It serves you beer. Watch - and drool. Hands up if you want one? Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from More video reviews at

Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray Disc player

Video Review This Sony is a particularly fine example of a sub-£300 Blu-ray machine. Dubbed the BDP-S300, it costs just £200 if you shop around online. That’s super-cheap - but can it actually deliver on performance? Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from More video reviews at Special Feature HD TV in …

Ripfactory Ripserver CD-ripping NAS box

ChannelFlip Video Review This little beauty takes your CDs, rips them to its 1TB NAS storage then pumps them out to all your network devices. Nifty - but is it worth the cash? Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from More video reviews at  

Dalek Security Camera

ChannelFlip Video Review This might look like your average remote controlled Dalek toy, but nothing could be further from the truth: it's been retro-fitted with a miniscule pinhole spy cam by a London security firm, which has lent it to us to have a play with. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from The Dalek sits on your desk and …

Dicota Take.Off Control iPod and laptop bag

Unwired Video Review This laptop messenger bag from Dicota is called the ‘Take.Off Control’, and it’s got iPod buttons built right into the strap, meaning you don’t have to fiddle with your audio player to change tracks or volume. It fits laptops up to 15.4in widescreen. It’s well built, but costs £75 - is it worth the money? Can't see the …
Wil Harris, 25 Feb 2008

Samsung R60plus budget laptop

Unwired Video Review Unlike most of Samsung’s other offerings, the R60plus is a budget notebook. As such, it lacks a few features - a digital video output port and decent graphics capabilities, to name just a couple. But the core power - a 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD - make this an absolute steal for the price. Unlike most budget …
Wil Harris, 18 Feb 2008

Freecom Data Tank Gateway WLAN 2TB router and NAS box

Unwired Video Review This chunky bit of kit is is Wi-Fi router, USB print server and 2TB NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. It costs a stonking £680. But is it any good? Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from
Wil Harris, 6 Feb 2008

Digital Photo Frames

Unwired Video Review You might think that digital photo frames are all much the same - but there are small details that can make all the difference when you’re splashing out the cash. Be sure to check out viewing angle, connectivity and features as well as just design and screen size. Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from …
Wil Harris, 2 Feb 2008

Viewsonic VX2240w 22in monitor

Unwired Video Review For monitors, 22in seems to be the size of choice at the moment. They're bright and cheerful, offer more screen than a puny (!) 20in, but are far cheaper than a 24in - although lacking the screen resolution. This effort from Viewsonic has got a 4000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 2ms response time, which should make it great …
Wil Harris, 25 Jan 2008

Apple MacBook Air

Unwired Video Preview After Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo keynote, we got our hands his latest product announcement - the stunning MacBook Air laptop... Can't see the video? Download Flash Player from The Air is incredibly thin and an amazing feat of engineering - although the lack of a replaceable battery is a bit of a killer.
Wil Harris, 18 Jan 2008

Shure Music Phone Adaptor

Unwired Video Review For many of us who are both music and iPhone addicts, the handset's own earbuds aren't really up to the task of hammering out top tunes. But they do have a built-in microphone, which makes it easy to switch between music and calls. Thanks to this gadget, now Shure's top-end 'phones do too. Can't see the video? You'll need …
Wil Harris, 16 Jan 2008

Freecom USBCard 4GB Flash drive

Unwired Video Review Forget about keyring drives, here's a USB storage product that you can slip into your wallet as easily as it'll slip into a computer... Can't see the video? You'll need Flash player from
Wil Harris, 12 Jan 2008

Blackberry Pearl 8120 smartphone

Unwired Video Review Everyone knows that the Blackberry is de rigeuer for corporate types, but now RIM is making a real push to get the mobile email devices into the hands of consumers too. The Pearl 8120 builds on the original slimline Pearl and adds some cool new features - like Wi-Fi and a better camera. Can't see the video? You'll need Flash …
Wil Harris, 9 Jan 2008

Samsung ML-1630 laser printer

Unwired Video Review When you think of laser printers you don’t exactly think ’sleek and sexy’ - more like ‘beige and bulky’. But this new model from Samsung, the ML1630, is something that’s really quite different. Taking its design cues from Samsung’s range of TVs and laptops, this is glossy black and wouldn’t look out of place in a fashion …
Wil Harris, 7 Jan 2008

Creative X-Fi ExpressCard soundcard

Unwired Video Review Creative’s X-Fi has been a darling of the desktop world, particularly when it comes to gaming. This notebook soundcard promises uprated sound and more flexible outputs. Will it have the same appeal? Can't see the video? You'll need Flash player from Video Reviews • Blackberry Pearl 8120 smartphone • Samsung ML- …
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Virtual war is worrying

Somewhere in the world right now, someone is getting killed in a war. Probably in Iraq, I suspect. As the casualty list grows higher every day, the death of many soldiers - and many Iraqi fighters - is reduced to an ever-diminishing footnote by Western administrations and news conduits. As I sit comfortably in my living room, …
Wil Harris, 13 Dec 2005
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GTA porn row - whose responsibility is it?

Analysis Who'd have thought that a simple cup of coffee could cause suck a ruckus? The debate over the ins and outs (no pun intended) of the 'Hot Coffee' section in the new Grand Theft Auto is still raging. Background The Hot Coffee mode was first discovered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PC, released last month. In the …
Wil Harris, 26 Jul 2005
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The Escapist - cybercrime, hackery and sex

Book Review Sex, violence, religion, intrigue, humour, exploding breasts - Check. Breakneck story pacing, exotic locations, ancient mythology, a psychopathic computer - Check. The Escapist appears to tick all the right boxes for an enjoyable mystery-romp through the future. The novel may have some shortcomings, but it's hard to go wrong …
Wil Harris, 6 Jun 2005
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Dropped Tecmo suit means nudity for us all

Analysis Game developer Tecmo dropped its lawsuit against console website this week. The lawsuit follows almost four months of legal wranglings over game modifications that the Ninjahackers created, and then posted to their website. Tecmo publish several games including Dead or Alive, a beat-em-up, and Dead or Alive …
Wil Harris, 27 May 2005

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