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Making the move to the Mac

Last time round, we cautiously dipped a toe into the Mac development waters from the perspective of a Windows programmer with RAD experience. Along the way, I briefly looked at the rudiments of Objective-C syntax, and I described terms such as 'framework' and 'Cocoa'. (Remember, the idea here is not to turn you into a killer Mac …
Uncle Mac, 21 Sep 2007
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Making the move to the Mac

As should be pretty clear from previous ramblings, I've about given up on Windows and am in the process of trying to reinvent myself as a Mac developer (I should perhaps say re-reinvent myself, since I worked with Macs back in the early days of the original 128K Mac, over 20 years ago). Things are going pretty well so far, …
Uncle Mac, 14 Aug 2007
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Mono on the Mac: Time to look beyond Linux?

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the Mono Project is an ambitious, open-source initiative, largely coordinated by Novell. The aim is to build a complete suite of ECMA- compliant .NET tools (C# compiler, runtime, class frameworks, etc) which work across all supported platforms, including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. For more …
Uncle Mac, 16 Feb 2007
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A PC to call your own...

Column I’m a fan of shell extensions – those plug-ins for Windows Explorer which provide easy right-click access to all manner of context sensitive actions. For example, my favourite ZIP compressor is WinZip: simply right-click on a folder and you can instantly create an archive containing everything within that folder. Magic! But …
Uncle Mac, 2 Feb 2007
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Uncle Mac takes A Cup of Cold Cocoa...

'Twas the night after Christmas. The left-over turkey had been stuffed into the freezer, the surplus mince pies stuffed into the dog, and my thoughts turned once more to programming – Mac programming. Seduced, as ever, by the Aqua interface, I decided it was time to write that killer Mac utility, the proceeds from which would …
Uncle Mac, 29 Dec 2006

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