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Toshiba: PS3 chip too hot for tellies

Toshiba World 2011 If you're wondering why Toshiba has been rather quiet about the Cell processor of late - last year it was very keen to tell World+Dog it would be putting the PlayStation 3 chip into high-end sets - it's because it has realised it can't put the thing into televisions. Last year's Cell TVs all shoved the CPU into a separate box …
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Toshiba readies 'cinema specs' 3D TVs

Toshiba World 2011 Toshiba could have 40in-plus glasses-free 3D TV sets - the ZL2 family - out in Europe by the end of the year, but specs-essential sets based on cinema-style passive technology on sale much sooner. Toshiba released its first glasses-less 3D TVs in Japan late last year. Sales have been described as disappointing, a point company …

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