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MS pitches twin controller approach for mobile devices

One of the problems CE (and indeed, numerous other operating systems) faces in penetrating the mobile and appliance markets is that it's not fully real time, although the hardware generally doesn't take too kindly to software chiming in demanding CPU time when inappropriate. But Microsoft may have found an interesting workaround …
Tony Dennis, 7 Feb 2000
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MS aims to straddle WAP, HTML with Mobile Explorer

At the GSM World Congress in Cannes today Microsoft opened up some more about its plans for its Mobile Explorer microbrowser in the wireless market. And the first mobile phone to implement Mobile Explorer, the Q from Finnish company Benefon, was announced. But as Benefon wasn't even showing a working prototype, and is only …
Tony Dennis, 2 Feb 2000
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Ex-USR Hudson back to modem roots

Clive Hudson, perhaps best known for his days heading up US Robotics' UK operations, has dramatically reappeared in a new job. He's taken on the role of MD with Britain's one remaining modem manufacturer, Psion Dacom. Former Dacom MD, Gareth Hughes, has moved onto head Psion's 'nursery group' for new projects such as the recent …
Tony Dennis, 28 Jan 2000
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Cognito expands into Internet email

A nationwide wireless data network that has been profitable since 1994 and made profits of circa £1.5 million last year bucks industry trends completely. Cognito has managed just that -- and now it has launched an Internet email service for its customers. Cognito uses proprietary technology -- including its own Messager …
Tony Dennis, 22 Oct 1999
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Citrix confirms move on Unix

Citrix is preparing to launch a Unix version of its applications server software, Codenamed MetaFrame U. The crucial factor behind this decision, as recently revealed by Citrix's senior VP, David Jones, is the company's belief that a Unix version of MetaFrame won't offend its major trading partner, Microsoft. Citrix has to tread …
Tony Dennis, 18 Oct 1999
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Spam scams shift from Net to cellphones

UK fraudsters have apparently changed their focus away from lucrative Internet scams and have begun targeting mobile phone users instead. One scam involves unsolicited premium line calls while another apparently swipes personal details from GSM handsets to nick free airtime. The first trick takes advantage of the group messaging …
Tony Dennis, 6 May 1999
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Hayes sells family silver to get out of trouble

Hayes - the name synonymous with the PC modem industry - has found a way out of its financial troubles by carving up the remaining pieces of its product portfolio and selling them off. The most notable result is that Zoom Telephonic - a company previously best known for its low cost modems - will step into Hayes' shoes in …
Tony Dennis, 8 Mar 1999
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Purple Hayes up in our brain

By a bizarre twist of fate at the height of an Internet boom among domestic PC users, the company whose founder revels in the title 'father of the PC modem' looks set to shut up shop and sell off the family jewellery. The Hayes Corporation - makers of the famous Hayes modem brand - effectively ceased trading in the United States …
Tony Dennis, 7 Jan 1999
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Heppe hops home from TDK Europe

PC Card modem specialist TDK Systems Europe is to gain a new MD when the present incumbent, David Heppe, returns to his native US later this month. His replacement, Keith Marsden, was formerly MD at Grey Cell Systems, the company TDK bought in September last year. Indeed, the company only just changed its name from TDK Grey Cell …
Tony Dennis, 1 Dec 1998
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Roam wasn't built in a day

While GSM globally has passed the 100th million subscriber mark (actually it's now over 120 million), this fact hasn't quite sunk in with everyday Americans. While it should be entirely possible to 'roam' with your GSM phone in most US cities, the obstacles to doing so are often insurmountable. In a classic display of the 'not- …
Tony Dennis, 23 Nov 1998
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Heroically pointless products from Comdex

Putting different devices together to produce new product categories is what convergence is all about - but isn't embedding digital recording into your mouse mat and commercial radio in your mouse going too far? Not according to two Comdex exhibitors. The MemoMouse pad from Questech International is a 'super-charged' mouse mat …
Tony Dennis, 23 Nov 1998
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Proxim sinks jaws into Bluetooth

A bunfight over wireless LAN standards, is stopping the technology from gaining mainstream acceptance, according to Proxim, the California-based wireless LAN card vendor. Seven major proposed standards are competing for mindspace in the wireless LAN market, and divisions between rival contenders are holding back the market, the …
Tony Dennis, 18 Nov 1998
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Comdex: Sony's dog woofs in GSM mode

Bizarrest demo at Comdex? Sony showed what it described as a 'pet-type prototype' - a life-like mechanical dog which does virtually everything the genuine article does except poop. It does have a serious side too - since it could potentially call you up via an internal cellular phone and inform you the house is on fire. The dog …
Tony Dennis, 17 Nov 1998
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Hayes loses its main visionary

Struggling modem manufacturer Hayes Microcomputer Products has asked its main visionary, Bill Pechey, to leave the company. The move comes only ten days after the company's founder, Dennis Hayes, stepped down as chairman to be replaced by Ron Howard as CEO and chairman. Hayes was forced to file for protection against its …
Tony Dennis, 31 Oct 1998
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Ericsson selects Secure's SoftToken for intelligent phones

Ericsson has concluded a deal worth over $1 million to build SofToken technology from Secure Computing into its future generation of 'intelligent' mobile phones. Ericsson is also a shareholder in Symbian, the joint venture building intelligent phones based on Psion EPOC32 OS. The move was made to address the fears that many …
Tony Dennis, 21 Oct 1998
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Dataflex brings voice routing to corporates

Line-powered diallers -- currently used by telcos to route customers voice and fax calls over their alternative networks -- could soon be employed by corporates to take advantage of Internet telephony. SmartGem Manager from Dataflex Design Communications is a Windows NT and SQL Server-based system designed to enable least-cost …
Tony Dennis, 9 Oct 1998

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