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Sh*t the bed, it's Comment of the Week

CoTFW It's Friday, and across the internet is heard the thin cry from a thousand (OK, maybe a couple of hundred) hapless souls forced against their will to read Comment of the Week. O cruel fate! If only they were given choice as to what to click on. Well, too late now, bozos. It'll look like you've read it in the stats even if you …
The Moderatrix, 27 Nov 2009
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To horse! It's Comment of the Week

CoTW Fortified as I am by the greasiest, kebabingest TechnoWrap™ Soho has to offer and a generous nip of desk brandy, I suppose I can just about stomach a traipse through your scintillating contributions to modern discourse. Welcome back to Comment of the Week, your new favourite Reg regurgitationfest. Last week's controversial …
The Moderatrix, 13 Nov 2009
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Eat my dust - it's time for Comment of the Week

CoTW Good afternoon, parasites. I expect after a long hard week of aggravating wittering on the Reg threads you'd like nothing better than to sit back and enjoy a nice hot drink and a bit of a blowback of said burblings, eh? Well, don't say I never do anything for you. Here is the inaugural Comment of the Week, with the promised …
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Enter if ye dare the Comment Dungeon

Ah, Friday, the perfectly-formed posterior of the week. As I sit here surveying the many, many, many hundreds of web-bound hollerings that jostled for my attention this week in the comment threads, I'm inspired to throw a bone to you restless hordes (I said "hordes"). In this spirit, it is my dubious pleasure to invite you one …
The Moderatrix, 20 Mar 2009
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Consider yourself Moderatrixed

Well, I was actually hoping to spend this Friday performing my usual duties, perhaps enjoying a little light banter with my colleagues, and then sauntering out at lunchtime to get society-endangeringly drunk. But it would seem that this very modest dream of mine is to remain in the realms of fantasy. This is because, despite …
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Thus spake the Moderatrix

Yesterday my esteemed colleague kindly offered the Reg readership a place to pour out your hearts, and so you copiously did, proving once and for all what a deeply sad distressed bunch you are. I invited you to gaze into the abyss, and it prompted some bewilderment as to the breakdown of the supposed acronym VOID... well, I …
The Moderatrix, 16 May 2008

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