Eds off their meds: Does this headline REALLY need to be so astronomically long it can be measured in parsecs?

No. ® Next week! How listicles are killing journalism: Ten things we've learnt.
CES 1978

5 Times An 'Unhappy Person' Dared To Use The Word 'Boring' At CES 2015

BUZZGASM! 1: This Year, 69 Per Cent Of CES Attendees Protested Against Dull Speakers With Their Actual Eyelids at #CES #CES2015 when a poor moderator & a guest speaker are boring & don't get what the audience wants2hear you get pic.twitter.com/JqZPLydUWd — Bat-Ami Gordin (@zongrik) January 7, 2015 Sleepy follow! 2: 34 Per Cent …
Apes gather around a giant screw

Thirteen Astonishing True Facts You Never Knew About SCREWS

BuzzGasm! 1: These Are Screws Screws Yup. 2: These Are Not Nuts and bolts How can you tell? They have big nuts but no prick!!! LOL!!! 3: Screws Are Traditionally Driven Like This... A screwdriver driving a screw 4: ...Except In Birmingham!!! A hammer and bent screw Classic Brummie builder joke! Excellent!! 5: Did …
Arapaho warrior with Twitter logo

9 Dark Social Truths That Will Totally Blow Your Bowels!

BuzzGasm! 1: 51 Per Cent Of Internet Traffic Is Stealth Paedophile Music Filesharing Jimmy Savile on TOTP How's about that then, guys and gals?!?! 2: Another 43 Per Cent Is TORtastic Brummie Trojan Horse Black Ops! Email from alleged Trojan Horse Islamist Won't someone think of the children?!?!?!?! 3: 91 per cent of Whatsleft® …


BuzzGasm!! 1: Like Totally The Wrong Moment To Snapchat With God!!!! Eve in the Garden of Eden talking to a rather angry God on Snapchat #dontlistentothesnake 2: Note To Rihanna - This Girl Has Class!! Cleopatra's Flickr photostream #bathfullofdonkeycheese 3: So That's The Secret Of Her Smile! LOL!!! Mona Lisa and Leonrado da …

BuzzGasm: Cloud Internet Of Stuff As-A-Service!

Infographic! We all love stuff, and now all stuff is a service on the Cloud Internet Of Stuff As-A-Service™! To see what tomorrow's connected future holds today, click on our amazeballs infographic and prepare to have your brains explode right out of your ears! Wow!!! Our Cloud Internet Of Stuff As-A-Service Infographic! ®
Woman shocked by the proximity of a pair of pliers

BuzzGasm: 9 Incredible Things You Never Knew About PLIERS!

1: Pliers Hold Stuff Really, Really Tight Youth gripping his front teeth with a pair of pliers Wow, amazeballs. 2: They Can Also Cut Cables Pair of pliers cutting wire That is so multitaskingly cool. 3: Side-Cutters Are NOT Pliers A pair of side cutters No no no no no. 4: Neither Are Pincers A pair of pincers …

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