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Making pigs from sausages

Comment Imagine the following situation. Many years ago, your company commissioned a computer system. It is all working perfectly but you want to upgrade it in ways that could not be conceived when it was designed. You may, for example, want management reports or data input via the internet. Then again, perhaps you would like to …
Tel Hudson, 2 May 2006

Black Box to avoid software crashes

Imagine if you will the following situation. A customer of yours phones to report that his system has failed in a mysterious way. You are given a good error report with details of the transactions. So you try to replicate the problem. Nothing happens. You even go to the extent of making a site visit and you chat to an …
Tel Hudson, 22 Nov 2005

In search of shareware

Software is an expensive commodity. This has been recognised by many companies and reusability is the order of the day. Rather than reusing your own software, another strategy is to use somebody else's. There is a lot of shareware software out there. When you start a new project it makes a lot of sense to see if part of the work …
Tel Hudson, 31 Aug 2005

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