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Nokia Arte

Nokia 8800 Arte and Sapphire Arte handsets

Review If you want to put your money where your mouth is, the Nokia 8800 Arte is a luxury sliderphone with a eyebrow-raising price tag that says more about you than your average Nokia ever could. This pair of high-class handsets demand you splash the cash not for the latest smartphone functionality, GPS receiver technology or video …
Simon Lorne, 3 Apr 2008

Motorola MOTO U9 mobile phone

Review Motorola has refreshed the PEBL concept with the MOTO U9, another stylish clamshell with a glossy front and external music player touch controls. But is this tune-playing mobile the one to get Motorola back on track with the fashion phone crowd? Motorola’s been here before with the rounded look, smooth-feel mobile, when it …
Simon Lorne, 12 Feb 2008

Nokia E51 executive phone

Review Business is business, so it’s no surprise that the world’s most successful mobile maker knows exactly what makes the executive phone user swoon. Nokia has a long track-record of producing handsets that may not get consumers’ pulses galloping, but which absolutely bowl over businesspeople. The E51 is Nokia’s latest of these. …
Simon Lorne, 25 Jan 2008

Nokia 6500 Slide mobile phone

Review With its recent 6500 Slide and Classic models, Nokia has introduced the most unlikely twins since Schwarzenegger and DeVito. Although they share the same model number and 3G capability, the 6500 Slide and 6500 Classic are very different devices both in looks and key features. The Slide, with its brushed metal casing, much in …
Simon Lorne, 12 Dec 2007

Nokia N81 8GB smartphone

Review Nokia followed up its first 8GB mobile, the music-centric N91, with a second one, the N95 8GB. And now here's a third: the music and gaming geared N81 8GB. The N81 arrives at the same time as its more luxuriantly-equipped N95 stablemate, bringing a smidgen more choice at a lower price to the high-capacity music-mobile arena. …
Simon Lorne, 4 Dec 2007

Sony Ericsson S500i mobile phone

Review With its pulsing lights and back-to-nature themes, Sony Ericsson’s S500i is aimed at the supposed style-savvy consumer. But does this sliderphone have the functionality and appeal to really grab fashion-phone followers? Sony Ericsson has been busy of late peppering its handset range with new Walkman and Cyber-shot models, …
Simon Lorne, 17 Oct 2007

Sony Ericsson Walkman W660i music phone

Review Sony Ericsson has made the most of its Walkman resurrection and is cashing in on the brand's cachet with a fast-growing range. But by filing the gaps with samey phones like the 3G-capable W660i, is Sony Ericsson in danger of losing its edge? Why change a winning formula? With the W660i, Sony Ericsson doesn’t. The W660i slips …
Simon Lorne, 11 Oct 2007

O2 Cocoon mobile phone

Review O2 may have beaten its rivals to the iPhone, but it’s already launched a first assault on the mobile music market with a distinctively quirky own-brand design, the Cocoon. With 2GB of tune-packing internal memory and 2GB memory card support it’s ready to go toe-to-toe with most other music phones. And, strangely enough, alarm …
Simon Lorne, 5 Oct 2007

Samsung SGH-G600 mobile phone

Review The latest handset to join Samsung's stylish sliderphone line-up is unashamedly image conscious. However, the G600 is all about its photographic features rather than its flash looks, being one of a few mobiles to boast a five-megapixel camera. Samsung has decided to roll out its first European 5Mp mobile without 3G - it's a …
Simon Lorne, 27 Sep 2007

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