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Intel PIII shortages hit Taiwan's board makers

Intel has confirmed that its Pentium III chips are in short supply, a situation that will cut demand for Taiwan's hi-tech products, industry sources say. "If the customer can't buy the [Pentium III] CPU, then they don't want to buy motherboards, or some other PC products," said Tony Yang, a spokesman for motherboard manufacturer …
Simon Burns, 2 Feb 2000
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Taiwan semi firms left with no easy options

After a recent flurry of expansion, Taiwan's chip makers have no easy options left as they try to increase capacity, analysts say. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) are the world's largest contract chip manufacturers. Despite a steady expansion programme, a booming …
Simon Burns, 13 Jan 2000
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Taiwan rubs hands in PC glee for 2000

Analysis While last year was a marvellous one for Taiwan's high-tech companies, this year may be even better. The September 21st earthquake halted production for days, costing billions, but it also underlined Taiwan’s importance as a key link in the global electronics supply chain. Multinationals like Hewlett Packard used the hiccough in …
Simon Burns, 11 Jan 2000
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Win2000 to fuel Taiwan memory growth

A bright future is being predicted for Taiwan's DRAM makers as the industry emerges from a three year slump. "Next year will be very good for the DRAM business, simply because demand will be much higher than supply," said Hander Chang, assistant vice president and spokesman for Winbond Electronics. Winbond, Taiwan's largest DRAM …
Simon Burns, 21 Dec 1999
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China on Taiwan's mind

Analysis China's recent moves to attract Taiwanese investors have drawn a favorable reaction from the island's technology sector, but many say they do not expect to see significant effects, because companies have already found ways around investment barriers. New regulations, announced yesterday (Dec 12), offer Taiwan's investors better …
Simon Burns, 13 Dec 1999
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Taiwan chip power house doubles sales

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), Taiwan's largest chip maker, has doubled its monthly sales over the past year. The company's record November sales figures, up 98.5 percent to NT$7.85 billion, are evidence of a dramatic turnaround in the industry, from slump last year to boom today. TSMC and its main competitor, …
Simon Burns, 9 Dec 1999
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Toshiba's Chinese plans put pressure on Taiwan firms

Toshiba's plan to manufacture notebook PCs in China will increase pressure on the government to let Taiwan's manufacturers follow suit, say industry observers. Foreign companies, such as Toshiba, order billions of dollars worth of notebook PCs from Taiwanese manufacturers every year. The Japanese company's new factory, near …
Simon Burns, 9 Dec 1999
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Global IT economy threatened by slapdash Taiwanese practices

The next major earthquake to strike Taiwan could cost chip makers "tens of billions of US dollars" and halt production for months if safety standards are not improved, according to a report which will be presented to the island's electronics industry Tuesday. The report, compiled by US-based SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and …
Simon Burns, 7 Dec 1999
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Compaq OEM out of palm-sized market

Everex Systems Inc, an affiliate of Taiwan's First International Computer (FIC), has dropped out of the market for palm-sized PCs, say US sources. The company's decision is attributed to component supply problems and poor sales. However a source close to the project claims Everex never firmly committed itself to the palm-sized …
Simon Burns, 17 Nov 1999
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Asus denies Athlon motherboard rumours (apparently)

Sources at Taiwanese motherboard manufacturer Asus have denied rumours that the company will withdraw its Athlon CPU motherboard, the K7M, from the market, as a result of pressure from Intel. Product manager Joe Hsieh said he personally dealt with Intel-CPU motherboards and did not handle the K7M, but said: "The answer should …
Simon Burns, 8 Nov 1999
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Intel's Otellini: We've nothing to apologise for over Via, FIC

"We have nothing to apologise for," Intel executive vice president, Paul Otellini, told The Register earlier today. Otellini was speaking in Taipei days after the giant US chipmaker sued Taiwan's First International Computer (FIC) and others for patent violation. Industry insiders claim Intel has targeted FIC to put further …
Simon Burns, 4 Nov 1999
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Via-S3 unite in graphics deal

Chip maker VIA Technologies yesterday announced details of a closer union with US graphics chip designer S3, days after Intel stepped up its legal battle with the Taiwanese company. Under the terms of the deal, S3 and VIA will set up a joint venture, tentatively named S3-VIA inc, to produce chips combining their respective …
Simon Burns, 2 Nov 1999
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More Taiwanese mobo makers get jitters after Intel suit

The lawsuits Intel issued at the end of last week to FIC (First International Computer) may be the first in a legal broadside against other firms. Lawsuits filed in the US, UK and Singapore, also name FIC affiliate, Everex, a US-based maker of computer systems. The suits appear to be based on the two companies' use of chips …
Simon Burns, 1 Nov 1999
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Taiwan chip makers scramble for spare parts

Taiwan's chip makers are working round-the-clock to repair damage from last Tuesday's earthquake, but many are now scrambling to locate vital spare parts. "I think the main problem now for all the companies in the Hsinchu science park, including TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.) and UMC (United Microelectronics Corp …
Simon Burns, 27 Sep 1999
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Graphics cards, Intel chipsets hit badly in quake aftershock

Manufacturers of a wide range of computer and electronics products will be hit by a shortage of key components following Tuesday's earthquake, say analysts and industry sources in Taipei. "Some companies simply can't produce right now, for example the fabs (chip makers) in Hsinchu," said Paul Meyer of Credit Lyonnais Securities …
Simon Burns, 24 Sep 1999
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Is Taiwan weak link in global chip chain?

In the aftermath of the earthquake, attention is being focused on Taiwan's chip and component makers as the weakest link in the global electronics supply chain. Most makers of finished products said they were ready to restart production. However, at 20 or more fabs(fabrication facilities) belonging to chip makers in Hsinchu, …
Simon Burns, 23 Sep 1999
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Earthquake costs Taiwan semicon industry $300m

After a massive earthquake hit Taiwan, major electronics manufacturers in the Hsinchu science park were struggling to cope with a continuing power outage Tuesday evening, but said production facilities did not appear to have suffered serious damage. "It's a kind of nightmare for us," said Winbond Electronics assistant vice …
Simon Burns, 21 Sep 1999
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Notebook prices will plunge – - but when?

Notebook prices are set to plummet -- but only when LCD shortages end sometime in 2001. Compared to historical levels, the cost of LCD panels is now so high that notebook price reductions seem inevitable when the shortage ends. By 2001 at the latest, Mr Wang (he of little first name) of Twinhead International expects an …
Simon Burns, 20 Sep 1999
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Steep memory hike unlikely to affect retail PC prices

The sharp rise in prices of 64Mb DRAM, the most commonly used computer memory chip, will have a relatively small impact on the retail prices of computers, industry sources say. Analysts predict that at worst, some low-end products could be affected -- because profit margins are too narrow to absorb the DRAM price increase. Spot …
Simon Burns, 16 Sep 1999
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Taiwan traders vote ALi IPO a winner

Chipmaker Acer Labs' over-the-counter listing today appeared to be a hit with investors in Taiwan, but a low initial price meant that almost no one was willing to sell. "Before we listed, the gray market price was around NT$100," said Acer Labs Inc. (ALi) Finance Director, Daniel Chien, "and our initial price is NT$68 (US$2.14 …
Simon Burns, 13 Sep 1999
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Acer Labs pumps Nvidia TNT2 into Aladdin chipset

A new product from chip maker Acer Labs Inc (ALi), is attracting mixed comments from industry watchers in the run up to the company's over-the-counter stock listing. "ALi definitely have the right product at the right moment," said Andrew Lin, an analyst at Jardine Fleming Taiwan. ALi's Aladdin TNT2 chipset combines the …
Simon Burns, 9 Sep 1999
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Intel 810e to slow down Rambus adoption

Intel's introduction of the 810e chipset will slow down introduction of Direct Rambus DRAM, said Wayne Jane, of Acer group affiliate, Apacer Technology Inc, a Taipei-based memory module manufacturer. Intel is strongly promoting the Rambus memory technology, however serious delays and cost problems have apparently forced the …
Simon Burns, 31 Aug 1999
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Intel confirms mobos shortage will put freeze on PCs

A shortage of vital chips could cut output from some computer motherboard makers by more than half during the next two months, industry sources say. Yesterday, The Register exclusively reported vast shortages of passive components. (Go here) Manufacturers are currently trying to increase production in preparation for the peak …
Simon Burns, 24 Aug 1999
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Shortages in Taiwan are getting crucial, man

Shortages of basic electronic components are hitting makers of computers and mobile phones, and may be followed by price increases, analysts and manufacturers say. Cheap resistors and multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) are in short supply, said Mei Chen, who handles investor relations for Yageo Corp, one of Taiwan's largest …
Simon Burns, 23 Aug 1999
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Via-AMD finalise chipset deal

Taiwanese chipset designer VIA Technologies will formally announce a K7/Athlon chipset on 10 August, a source at the company's Taipei office said today (5.30pm Taipei time). The unnamed chipset will be announced at an AMD press conference in Taipei. According to the VIA source, AMD is already incorporating one of VIA's south …
Simon Burns, 3 Aug 1999

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