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Movie downloading? You'll have to wait

Analysis Movie downloading in Europe is set to grow but not as quickly some would like Screen Digest believes that the market for movie downloads will be worth £60m in the UK and €250m in Europe as a whole by 2010. This is considerably smaller than the market for music downloads, which are forecast to reach €900m by 2010. A recent …
Screen Digest, 9 Nov 2005
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High Definition and the future of viewing

Analysis Over the past 20 years, the potential of high definition (HD) has seen development in a number of interlinked fields - broadcasting, consumer electronics and pre-packaged content. Although definitions vary, the term HD itself generally refers to a television screen offering at least double the resolution of the highest …
Screen Digest, 8 Mar 2005
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Mobile gaming gets its skates on

Analysis After many years of anticipation, it is fair to conclude that the mobile games market finally arrived in 2003. Japan and Korea aside, the main territories of the world had merely flirted with wireless gaming since 1999, when the first WAP and SMS projects went live. Throughout this period, developers and aggregators bemoaned the …
Screen Digest, 9 Feb 2005
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UK leads Europe in VoD

With the most developed digital and pay TV market in Europe, it is hardly surprising that the UK also ranks as the most diverse and developed market for on-demand services. The UK is home to examples of every form of on-demand delivery, from standard cable near-video-on-demand services, through satellite Personal Video Recorders …
Screen Digest, 10 Jan 2005
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Asia-Pacific piracy still rampant

Piracy, especially optical disc piracy, is big business in the Asia-Pacific. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) estimates that Asia-Pacific piracy costs the US motion picture industry over $718m a year in potential revenue. This does not include the impact piracy has on employment and the cost imposed on countries in terms of …
Screen Digest, 7 Dec 2004

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