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Samsung Galaxy Apollo

Samsung Galaxy Apollo Android smartphone

Review Samsung’s mobile phone portfolio grows ever larger, and while the differences can be hard to distinguish, the Galaxy Apollo does have its niche, at least as far as the marketeers are concerned. It is aimed at the connected lifestyles of younger people who want social networking tools at their fingertips. Samsung Galaxy Apollo …
Sandra Vogel, 5 Oct 2010
Garmin Nüvifone M10

Garmin Asus Nüvifone M10

Review Smartphones and satnav are a pretty good combination, and there are plenty of configurations to choose from. You can use a free service like Google Maps or Nokia’s Ovi Maps, or buy an add-on like CoPilot Live. Typically, smartphones often come with at least one option pre-installed, but there is a third way. Garmin Nuvifone …
Sandra Vogel, 10 Aug 2010
Acer beTouch E400

Acer beTouch E400 Android smartphone

Review Acer is fully committed to producing smartphones, but seems to be slightly schizophrenic in its approach. There are devices in the Liquid range, which tote Android and are nicely high end, devices in the neoTouch range which run Windows Mobile, and devices in the beTouch range which again run Android and occupy the mid to lower …
Sandra Vogel, 23 Jul 2010
Vodafone 845

Vodafone 845

Review Vodafone’s 845 is right on trend as it is a small format Android handset. Sony Ericsson’s tiny Xperia X10 Mini - reviewed here - and X10 Mini Pro have both had a surprisingly good reception, and Vodafone clearly thinks there's something in this compact smartphone lark. Vodafone 845 Vodafone's 845: extremely small, extremely …
Sandra Vogel, 13 Jul 2010
ViewSonic VEB620 ereader

Viewsonic VEB620 e-Book reader

Review Given ViewSonic’s penchant for monitors it might at first sight seem a little odd that its e-reader debut is to launch a pair of standard, 16 greyscale E-Ink devices, the VEB620 and VEB625, rather than going for colour. But E-Ink’s displays are easy on the eye, deliver excellent battery life, and are less expensive to build than …
Sandra Vogel, 23 Jun 2010
Nokia C5

Nokia C5

Review Nokia’s lower end and mid range handsets might not offer the bells and whistles of the leading edge phones, but they can be solid workhorses. The C5 is a case in point. Just be aware when eyeing up the specs that its small screen means it can’t do some things nearly as well as bigger screened alternatives. Nokia C5 Slimline …
Sandra Vogel, 17 Jun 2010
Samsung Monte

Samsung Monte smartphone

Review Samsung says the Monte provides the style and performance of a high-end handset at an affordable price. Oh really? Sure, the headline features are quite impressive. HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, motion sensor, an emphasis on social networking with support for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Bebo. There's MS Exchange ActiveSync support for …
Sandra Vogel, 27 May 2010
Econav 480

Vexia Econav 480 satnav

Review Arguably there’s been nothing really innovative in satnav for some time. But the Econav 480 claims to be able to help you save fuel and the environment by telling you how to drive in a fuel efficient way while getting you from A to B. Vexia Econav 480 The Green Economy: Vexia's Econav 480 It does this by comparing your …
Sandra Vogel, 26 May 2010
Sony Ericsson Elm

Sony Ericsson Elm

Review Sony Ericsson has been busy producing a range of eco friendly handsets, produced under the GreenHeart banner. GreenHeart phones are made from recycled plastics and have no hazardous chemicals in the build. As a green marketing wheeze, by and large, these handsets have been given the names of trees. There’s an Aspen, a Hazel, the …
Sandra Vogel, 19 May 2010

HTC HD mini

Review Smartphones with large screens are great up to a point, the inevitable drawback being a chunky handset. With the HTC HD mini, the 3.2in screen allows even petite paws to reach all the way across it for one-handed use, making it very easy to pocket. HTC Mini HD Slim pickings: HTC's HD mini The handset runs Windows Mobile 6. …
Sandra Vogel, 27 Apr 2010
Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen

Review Who would have thought something as basic as the pen could be up for a geek-friendly makeover? The folk behind the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, obviously, because what they’ve come up with is a pen which can record your writing and anything you or others say, and then squirt it all into a computer for keeping and sharing. …
Sandra Vogel, 20 Apr 2010
HTC Legend

HTC Legend

Review HTC’s Legend is to all intents and purposes the follow up to the very popular Hero. Like its predecessor it is an Android handset, and GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G are here as Android staples but, as you would expect, the Legend has a lot that is new, updated, enhanced and tweaked too. HTC Legend Nice touch? HTC's Legend For a start …
Sandra Vogel, 23 Mar 2010
Signature SWaP

SWaP Signature watchphone

Review The Smart Watch and Phone (SWaP) Signature looks enticing. It fits on your wrist, yet packs in a touchscreen, music and video playback, a camera good for video and stills, Bluetooth with stereo audio, a Micro SD card slot, and a suite apps including an e-book reader. Telephony runs to tri-band GSM with GPRS, but not to 3G. But …
Sandra Vogel, 18 Feb 2010
PsiXpda Pocket Computer

PsiXpda pocket computer

Review About 10 years ago, Psion's handheld computers were the ones to beat and the Psion Series 5 was at the top of the heap. The keyboard was tiny but so well designed that it was really possible to touchtype on it. Indeed, the Series 5 set the standard for others to emulate, and, quite simply, as far as usability is concerned no …
Sandra Vogel, 15 Jan 2010
Sony Ericsson Aino

Sony Ericsson Aino

Review Sony Ericsson's latest marketing wheeze is to release a slew of new handsets with seemingly meaningless names. Satio, Yari, Naite and the handset currently under scrutiny, Aino, are models the company has lined up to compete with Apple and Android. The Aino is meant to be a media fan’s handset first and foremost. It also has a …
Samsung H1 on Vodafone 360

Samsung H1 Vodafone 360

Review Apparently, you are nobody today if you aren't connected to hundreds of other people through a web of social networks. If you aren’t poking, tweeting, linking, posting, chatting, emailing and texting, you're living in the past. Samsung H1 on Vodafone 360 Samsung's H1: built for Vodafone 360's social network centric UI No …
Sandra Vogel, 30 Nov 2009
Bookeen Cybook Opus

Bookeen Cybook Opus

Review While the Amazon Kindle’s appearance in the UK may help nudge the e-book reader closer to the mainstream, there are plenty of other devices to measure it against. Sony’s Reader variants are the best know, but Interead's oddly named Cool-er and iRex's DR1000S are also in the running. To that list we can now add Bookeen's latest, …
Sandra Vogel, 4 Nov 2009
Sony Ericsson S312

Sony Ericsson S312

Review Sony Ericsson tends to get the most publicity from its Cyber-shot cameraphones and Walkman music phones. Not unusual, that, but the company also has a large array of mid-range and lower end mobiles. A case in point: the S312. At £100 Sim-free or £69 from T-Mobile on pay-as-you-go, it fits right into that lower price bracket. …
Sandra Vogel, 3 Nov 2009
Nokia 6303 Classic

Nokia 6303 Classic

Review While Nokia continues to push at the boundaries of mobile phone technology, it also has its eye on the voice-as-primary-function mainstream. This is where its bread and butter lies, and a market well served by the stalwart and very popular 6300. Now meet its successor, the 6303 Classic. Nokia 6303 Classic Nokia's 6303 …
Sandra Vogel, 30 Oct 2009
HTC Touch 2

HTC Touch 2 Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone

Review Windows Mobile 6.5 is now with us but its reception has been far from ecstatic. The general view is that Microsoft is playing catch-up and will have to do something spectacular with Windows Mobile 7, due to debut next year, if it's to really challenge its rivals. HTC Touch 2 HTC's Touch 2: aspiring to touchphone greatness …
Sandra Vogel, 21 Oct 2009
Samsung C6625

Samsung GT-C6625

Review Windows Mobile smartphones with miniature Qwerty keyboards are rarely extremely exciting to look at, and the Samsung GT-C6625 is a case in point. Blocky hardware and a somewhat old-fashioned design, makes it look a couple of years out of sync with the latest smartphone trends. Samsung C6625 Samsung's GT-C6625: no Wi-Fi, but …
Sandra Vogel, 14 Oct 2009
Samsung Pixon12

Samsung GT-M8910 Pixon 12 cameraphone

Review As digital camera manufacturers start to concentrate on quality rather than megapixels – reducing the count of the latter while enhancing the former – mobile phone makers still appear caught in the vortex of more-means-better. A case in point is the Samsung GT-M8910 Pixon 12, the first handset with a 12Mp camera – should we be …
Sandra Vogel, 2 Oct 2009
LG GD910

LG GD910 Watch Phone

Review Smartphones we are familiar with. Watches too. But combining the two is quite rare. Sure, there are sports watches that can collect information about training sessions and share it with a computer. Those with longer memories will recall things like Casio’s data bank watches with their weeny keyboards, and there was the Palm OS …
Sandra Vogel, 22 Sep 2009
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

Review Nokia’s touchscreen user interface has not had many outings. We’ve seen it before in the original Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and in the much more highbrow, Qwerty keyboard toting N97. Now we have a third appearance in the shape of another XpressMusic handset, the 5530, currently an exclusive offering from Carphone Warehouse from £ …
Sandra Vogel, 10 Sep 2009

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