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Java on the Windows Azure Cloud

Many people are surprised to hear that running Java on Windows Azure is even possible, but there are already large Java-based financial services and scheduling applications running in production. Microsoft has committed to making Java a “first class citizen on Windows Azure”. In this article I explore the motivations behind …
Rob Blackwell, 9 Sep 2011
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How to make Azure more appealing to Java and Open Source developers

Comment Microsoft has been reaching out to developers who use third-party languages and applications with a raft of initiatives and announcements. Many developers are surprised when by the comprehensiveness of the company’s Interoperability Bridges and Labs Center. But it has to do more to win Java and Open Source developers over to …
Rob Blackwell, 10 May 2011

Build a Silverlight media player

Hands on Microsoft's deal with US media giant NBC Universal to stream this summer's Olympic Games online using Silverlight represents a major demonstration of the potential of Microsoft's emerging browser-based runtime and streaming service. In keeping with the news, and following on from my earlier introduction to Silverlight, I …
Rob Blackwell, 9 Jan 2008

Get started with Silverlight

Hands on There has been much hype and more than a little confusion during the last year or so surrounding Microsoft Silverlight. Is it a Flash killer? Is it a designer tool or a developer tool? Surely it's for streaming videos? Is it a cross platform, browser-based version of Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR)? Microsoft will go …
Rob Blackwell, 5 Nov 2007

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