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UK! watchdog! slaps! Yahoo! with! £250k! fine! for! 2014! data! breach!

Yahoo!'s UK limb has finally been handed a £250,000 fine for the 2014 cyber attack that exposed data of half a million Brit users. Russian hackers broke into Yahoo!'s servers and slurped info on circa 500 million international account holders, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, hashed passwords and …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Jun 2018

EU-US Privacy Shield not up to snuff, data tap should be turned off – MEPs

The deal governing transatlantic data flows doesn't properly protect European Union citizens and should be suspended unless the United States complies with its terms, MEPs have said. The Privacy Shield agreement, which aims to protect personal data transferred from the EU to the US, was set up after a legal challenge by …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Jun 2018
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Shock: Google advises UK peers against more legislation

UK politicians have been warned to pick their legislative battles when it comes to regulating the internet, and focus on the underlying principles rather than obsess over the companies dominating the space. The House of Lords Communications Committee is the latest group of politicos to dip its toe into the waters of online …
Rebecca Hill, 11 Jun 2018
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UK digital secretary throws cold water over bid for laws on kids' use of social media

UK digi secretary Matt Hancock has rejected the idea of greater government intervention on kids' use of tech – just as The Daily Telegraph launched a campaign calling on politicians to take stronger action. The Tory-friendly paper has teamed up with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) as well …
Rebecca Hill, 11 Jun 2018

SAP: It’s all about cloud. Oh and blockchain, let's do that too

SAP has used its annual conference to announce plans to release a private cloud deployment with IBM Cloud, offer up blockchain-as-a-service and bolster its Leonardo tool kit. The gabfest, held in Florida, US, this week, has seen the German ERP giant shift its focus to creating what it terms the "intelligent enterprise", while …
Rebecca Hill, 8 Jun 2018

SAP cofounder admits: Biz goofed on branding, confused customers, depressed staff

SAP’s cofounder has admitted that its branding strategy confused customers and prevented staff from feeling like part of a team. Opening the second day of the German ERP giant’s annual conference, Sapphire Now, in Florida, USA, Hasso Plattner discussed the evolving focus of SAP – while emphasising a coherent internal brand …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Jun 2018
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Word on the street: Rimini takes Oracle copyright battle to US Supremes

Rimini Street has urged the US Supreme Court to weigh in on its legal wrangling with Oracle as the costs awarded against it were "at least" 17 per cent higher because the case was heard in a Circuit court. In the latest development in the years-long copyright battle, software support biz Rimini has filed a petition for appeal …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Jun 2018
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Lack of governance on new police tech leaves 'worrying vacuum' – Brit biometrics commish

Brit cops' use of new technologies isn't always organised or systematic, and a lack of governance on biometrics from government leaves a "worrying vacuum", biometrics commissioner Paul Wiles has said. In his annual report, Wiles said that although the police are generally compliant with laws on the use and retention of DNA and …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Jun 2018
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SAP hopes to blow the doors off Salesforce with a block of C/4HANA

SAP has overhauled its CRM offering, launching a suite of applications under the banner C/4HANA, as the German biz best known for ERP aims to take on Salesforce. Speaking today at SAP’s annual gabfest, Sapphire Now, chief executive Bill McDermott touted the move as a huge step change for SAP that would modernise CRM by …
Rebecca Hill, 5 Jun 2018
Map with blue flag in Isle of Man

UK has data adequacy issues? Oof, that's too bad! says Isle of Man

The Isle of Man – a largely unassuming island in the Irish Sea measuring just 52km (32 miles) long and 22km (14 miles) wide – fancies itself as a technology centre and is looking to hitch its wagon to both Brexit and data protection. Long referred to as a tax haven, though residents prefer to say it has low taxes, the island …
Rebecca Hill, 5 Jun 2018
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TSB meltdown latest: Facepalming reaches critical mass as Brits get strangers' bank letters

TSB customers have reported receiving letters from the British bank containing other people's details in the embattled firm's latest cock-up. The bank went into meltdown at the end of April when a long-planned migration off its former parent Lloyds Banking Group's infrastructure went badly wrong. Customers were unable to …
Rebecca Hill, 1 Jun 2018
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Pentagon: JEDI bids on hold again, but it's still not the cloud contract you're looking for

The Pentagon has pushed back its controversial single vendor cloud contract deal, saying it doesn't want to "rush toward failure". The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract will cover all branches of the military, run for a maximum of 10 years and, crucially, be handed to one vendor. This has drawn …
Rebecca Hill, 1 Jun 2018
Protest banners

Facebook stockholders tell Zuck to reform voting rules as data scandal branded 'human rights violation'

Facebook has been accused of violating users' human rights and failing to create adequate risk management structures in a heated exchange with stockholders yesterday. Angry investors lined up to criticise the company – mired in scandal since the extent of data harvesting on the platform was revealed in April – at its annual …
Rebecca Hill, 1 Jun 2018

German court snubs ICANN's bid to compel registrar to slurp up data

Global domain name system overlord ICANN’s latest attempt to deal with compliance with European data protection law has been dealt a blow after a German court rejected its request to force a registrar to keep gathering people’s information. The DNS overseer filed a lawsuit in Bonn against German domain registrar EPGA on Friday …
Rebecca Hill, 31 May 2018

Foolish foodies duped into thinking Greggs salads are posh nosh

Food snobs have been tricked into saying they like Greggs after the British high-street pasty biz went undercover at a London festival. Visitors to the Foodies Festival were fooled into thinking "Gregory And Gregory" was the latest purveyor of gourmet salads by posh signage and smart aprons, complete with geometric leaf logo …
Rebecca Hill, 31 May 2018
Screen with one new Facebook friend request

From Russia with(out) Zuck: Popular Facebook boss gets another invite to turn down

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing calls to appear in front of Russian lawmakers, who – clearly aware that the chances of him accepting are almost zero – insist the invitation alone is noteworthy. The Facebook boss is the political witness du jour, with parliamentarians across the world clamouring for him to appear before …
Rebecca Hill, 31 May 2018

US judge won't budge over Facebook's last-minute bid to 'derail' facial biometrics trial

Updated A US judge has given short shrift to Facebook's delaying tactics in its long-running legal battle over its use of facial recognition technology, saying the corporation's concerns about financial costs and reputation damage were thin and unconvincing. The data-hungry social media biz had asked for a stay in the class-action …
Rebecca Hill, 30 May 2018
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Cold call bosses could be forced to cough up under new rules

The UK government is planning to make company directors personally liable for nuisance calls – two years after it first promised the powers to the data protection watchdog. At the moment, the Information Commissioner's Office can only hand out fines to companies that make spam marketing calls. Under the new plan, announced …
Rebecca Hill, 30 May 2018
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BCC is hard, OK? Quite a lot of orgs blurted your email addresses in GDPR mailouts

Amid the chaos of new European data protection rules coming into force at the end of last week, organisations are apparently struggling to grasp even the most basic of technical challenges, sending out non-blinded emails to their users. Topping the irony charts is ad-blocker Ghostery, which sent users an email with more than …
Rebecca Hill, 29 May 2018
Michel Barnier, chief EU Brexit negotiator

Chief EU negotiator tells UK to let souped-up data adequacy dream die

The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator has poured cold water on the UK's dreams of a special deal on data adequacy* after it leaves the bloc. In a speech given over the weekend, Michel Barnier said that the UK "needs to face up to the reality of Brexit" and the way the EU's decision-making systems work. The UK has …
Rebecca Hill, 29 May 2018
Facepalm, photo via Shutterstock

Ex-staffer of dept bags payout after boss blabbed medical info to colleagues

A Manchester man has won his case against former employer the Department for Work and Pensions, after a superior shared “highly private” medical information with his colleagues. Aftab Marchant, who worked in the DWP’s Stockport office, has reportedly received a substantial payout in the case – for which he was claiming damages …
Rebecca Hill, 29 May 2018

GDPRmageddon: They think it's all over! Protip, it has only just begun

The big day has finally arrived, Europe's General Data Protection Regulation is now in force – but as the calendar flicked over last night, those breathing a sigh of relief will be sorely disappointed. For a start, it is a naive company that has treated 25 May as a deadline, thinking it won't have to worry about data …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018
Max Schrems

Max Schrems is back: Facebook, Google hit with GDPR complaint

Max Schrems, the thorn in Facebook’s side, has returned to launch the first challenges under the EU’s new data protection laws. The complaints, filed on the day Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, take aim at what he describes as Google and Facebook’s “forced consent”. Under the GDPR, when …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018
Police search

MPs slam's 'unacceptable' hoarding of custody images

The UK government's approach to deleting custody images of innocent people – in that it only scraps them on request – is unacceptable and possibly illegal, MPs have said. In a report published today, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee slammed the Home Office's attitude to its custody image database, and the …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018

US websites block netizens in Europe: Why are they ghosting EU? It's not you, it's GDPR

Folks trying to read the NY Daily News, say, or the Chicago Tribune – the third-biggest US daily newspaper – online from a location within the EU have been blocked from visiting the websites due to new data protection laws. Visitors in the bloc trying to load articles from the Tribune, or stablemates the Los Angeles Times – …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018

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