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Hosted CRM: prepare your boat to be floated

Quocirca's Changing Channels If hosted CRM floats your boat, 2006 is going to be an exciting year. The noise created by and others over the last few years has created a momentum for hosted offerings in the CRM market as a whole. The vendors are heading down the hosted route faster than their customers and prospects, but if they create enough …
Quocirca, 19 Dec 2005
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Productivity – operational dream or individual reality?

Are there benefits resulting from an investment in wireless or remote access technology in addition to direct financial return? Many companies recognise the importance of increased competitive advantage, and enhancing the value of previous investments, but far fewer perceive the value of user acceptance. This is disappointing …
Quocirca, 23 Nov 2005
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Email critical to business shocker

Reg Reader Studies Thanks very much to those 1,826 Reg readers who took the time to complete our recent survey on email, or more precisely, "Email Criticality, Support and Migration". The findings demonstrate how central email has become to modern business. For example, two thirds of respondents - including 1,102 SMBs - said that email was …
Quocirca, 5 Jul 2005
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Exec + PDA = security alert

Reg Reader Studies Security has always been a concern when it comes to separating user access from the core of an IT system. Put terminals outside the machine room – you must be joking? Departmental servers out in the office – you what? Commercial data over the world wild web – too dangerous! Mobile access to precious and confidential data – why …
Quocirca, 1 Jul 2005
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Reg Readers on Collaboration

Reg Reader Studies Yet again, The Register readers have helped us bust through some of the hype that exists in the industry. Over 3,400 of you responded to the last reader survey on collaboration and some of things you told us were pretty interesting. Firstly, the obvious stuff. Not surprisingly, e-mail was regarded as a business critical …
Quocirca, 16 Jun 2005

Security barometer survey - the results are in

Reg Reader Studies The results of last month's Security barometer survey have been collected, perused and compiled and are now available to all interested readers in a handy PDF format. Thanks very much to all those who participated - your input enabled us to draw some interesting conclusions about the psychology of security, which we summarise …
Quocirca, 31 May 2005
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Grid computing: a real-world solution?

Analysis The problem with grid computing has traditionally been tying it down into a real-world context. The theory is great – getting lots of individual technical components working together as if they were one big resource - but it’s the wackier or conversation stimulating applications that have received all of the attention. Everyone …
Quocirca, 13 May 2005

BACS migration - who cares?

Analysis There are over 30,000 organisations in the UK who depend on a direct connection to BACS for making electronic payments, with many more accessing BACS through a bureau provider. According to a study just completed by Quocirca, about 90 per cent of these use BACS to get salary payments into their employees' bank accounts at the …
Quocirca, 14 Mar 2005
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Employees get stuck on mobiles

Analysis The majority of employees use their employer-supplied mobile phone in preference to a land line, even when sitting at their desk. Quocirca research in 2004 indicated that 55 per cent of IT decision makers across Europe believed this was a frequent occurrence. This may well be an optimistic under-estimate. The mobile phone is …
Quocirca, 4 Mar 2005
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SMEs play IT fast and loose

When it comes to managing their IT systems, small and mid-sized businesses (SMEs) have limited resources and in some cases this leads to neglect of basic IT housekeeping and consequent risk to their businesses. A recent Quocirca report shows that one in three mid-sized businesses and 90 per cent of small businesses do not …
Quocirca, 14 Feb 2005
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Outsourcing: Reg readers unconcerned

Reg Reader Studies With a UK general election widely expect to take place in May of this year, the political parties are casting around for ideas that might appeal to voters. What about that old chestnut – job security? It was an issue early on the US Presidential campaign last year, might it work over here? According to readers of The Register …
Quocirca, 28 Jan 2005
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Tapping the telecoms barometer

Reg Reader Studies The year end is traditionally ‘out with the old, in with the new’, but from the results of The Register/Quocirca year end barometer survey, it looks like for the IT and telecoms industries, the ins and outs from 2004 into 2005 will again include more ‘shaking all about’. The Register and Quocirca ran this survey to examine a …
Quocirca, 19 Jan 2005
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Grid Computing: mainstream, or not?

Opinion IBM has announced that Grid Computing is now a mainstream technology. In a press release just issued, it cited three of its customers’ applications as evidence of this. This claim of mainstream status is very bold given Grid Computing’s science and research heritage. One of the most widely reported Grid applications, for …
Quocirca, 20 Dec 2004
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Corporates get a case of the wireless jitters

Analysis Fierce competition in the corporate and public sectors means mobile operators are under constant price pressure as they bid to steal each others’ lunch. This has resulted in a trend towards lower voice tariffs which is likely to continue. Mobile data services in the form of GPRS and 3G connectivity represent an opportunity to …
Quocirca, 9 Sep 2004
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The USB dongle: a form factor worth plugging?

I've recently been experimenting with those USB Flash drives that seem to be proliferating at the moment. Natty little things, they hold anything from 16MB of data and support recent versions of Windows, Linux and the Mac OS, meaning that the information they contain can be accessed on any current computer with a spare USB port …
Quocirca, 6 Jan 2004
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The truth about mobile phones and driving

New legislation will be introduced into the UK on 1 December aimed at stamping out the potentially dangerous use of mobile devices while driving, writes Dale Vile of Quocirca. The problem is that many people out there are confused about what exactly the new rules are and how they are likely to be interpreted by the police. In …
Quocirca, 14 Nov 2003
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Linksys WRT54g 802.11g access point

We recently looked at a Buffalo ISDN/802.11b access point/router in a home environment. Here, we look at a similar product - the Linksys Ethernet/802.11g access point/router - but this time in a small office environment. Although Linksys (now part of Cisco) firmly aims its products at the consumer and 'prosumer' markets, the …
Quocirca, 10 Nov 2003
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Buffalo's Airstation ISDN

It sometimes feels a little ironic to me that the state-of-the-art wireless network I have at home is connected to a socket on the wall that can barely outrun a modem, writes Jon Collins of Quocirca. Believe me, this is not through choice. One of the 'benefits' of living in the heart of rural England is that ye olde branche …
Quocirca, 27 Oct 2003

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