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World Cup internet charges - just not cricket

Some saw it coming, others didn't. When the first world media decamps to the developing world the last expression you expect to hear is "value for money". However, the Cricket World Cup in the West Indies is something of a record breaker for charging heavily for things that fail to work quite as expected. Former England …
Peter Hayes, 20 Mar 2007
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No 'sorry' from Love Bug author

Five years ago, a new "supervirus" hit the headlines. It had the two successful - but evil - elements: destructive virus coding coupled to an enticing title and the simple fact that it arrived from someone the recipient knew. The combination was virus dynamite. Most viruses start slowly and then build power; "I Love You" hit …
Peter Hayes, 11 May 2005
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World Cup 2006 organisers clash with

Some lucky winners of the first round of World Cup 2006 ticket lotto last week are already trying to send their seed money in to hyper-inflation by auctioning their tickets on eBay Germany. However would-be bidders had a shot across their bows when a top brass German footie official announced, over the weekend, that he would do …
Peter Hayes, 25 Apr 2005
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PC World found guilty of selling old computers as new

PC World's parent company was left red-faced and considering its legal options this week after it was found guilty of mis-selling computer equipment. A Yorkshire court heard how buyers were fooled into thinking that they were getting new computer equipment while they were - in fact - not only getting secondhand kit, and in one …
Peter Hayes, 20 Apr 2005
The Register breaking news goes local

Rumours that Google UK is planning to take on local area information suppliers such as the Yellow Pages at their own game were confirmed as fact this week. Head of Google Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Holger Meyer, went on-the-record and stated that the UK was to receive a new "local" button to its search engine "later in …
Peter Hayes, 12 Apr 2005

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