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My name is Canary: The Orange Smartphone

Preview This preview, taken from the October issue of What Mobile is of an early version of the HTC Canary prototype. The device which was looked at was sneaked around the world to get into What Mobile's hands. What Mobile is primarily a buyers guide for mobile phones and this is probably the first time the device has been looked at …
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RU lonesum tonite?

The other night I decided to set out in search of wild text love. Would the boys be able to handle it? SexKitten, 32, a bit tattered round the ears, was ready for action. Or at least, a chat about gardening and a nice cup of tea. One of the first people I met on my travels was 'Lara', a game girl. According to the Natachata …
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Ericsson T68: helluva phone

Review Hold onto your hats; make sure you're sitting down; and wait for it. Yep, it's true: the full-colour, triple band Ericsson T68 knocks the much-alked about Nokia 8310 into a cocked hat. The Ericsson is expected to cost considerably more, it's true. Where the Nokia is coming in at about £150 with contract, the expensive colour …

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