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YouTube in shock indie music nuke: We all feel a little less worthy today

Comment Yet another argument has brewed up between independent record companies and a wholesale customer, in this case YouTube. The accusation, that YouTube had given the major labels better terms than they were offering indies, was wearyingly familiar; as was YouTube’s reported response. That response was an offer of “take it or …
Paul Sanders, 23 Jun 2014
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Why Bono is wrong about filesharing

Guest Opinion Music entrepreneur Paul Sanders thinks Bono is wrong, and the music business should start being a music business again. We invited him to elaborate. At a conference a few years ago IFPI Chairman John Kennedy said he had 'no problem' with China's approach to managing its citizens' use of the internet. It stuck in my mind for …
Paul Sanders, 20 Jan 2010
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The music biz's digital flops - a short history

Since the record industry first noticed that some of the kids were using the internet in the mid-90s, it's flopped from one puddle to the next. Despite a desperate need to evolve - guys, the pond is drying up, do try to breathe - recording industry strategy has flopped from one muddy puddle to the next, and a muddy puddle is …
Paul Sanders, 26 May 2008
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Don't shed any tears for Pandora

Guest Opinion So 2008 brings another battle in the war over the value of music. As an ordinary Pandora member, I received a very disappointing email yesterday morning. But as a rights owner myself (the state51 conspiracy includes about 70 incredibly great indie labels, and does digital licensing and distribution) I found it perhaps a little …
Paul Sanders, 10 Jan 2008

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