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Waging peace on the Internet

Hacking is a contact sport. The more people who have contact with one another, the better. -- Shaolin Punk, Proxy Boss, Hacktivismo There's an international book burning in progress; the surveillance cameras are rolling; and the water canons are drowning freedom of assembly. But it's not occurring anywhere that television …
Oxblood Ruffin, 19 Apr 2002
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Microsoft, terrorism, and computer security

Since 11 September the world has changed immeasurably, but some things remain the same. The single greatest threat to Internet security is still Microsoft -­ not the soon to be Osama Haz Bin. Microsoft is not, of course, a terrorist organization. But its ubiquity on the desktop coupled with its poor track record in network …
Oxblood Ruffin, 14 Dec 2001

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