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MPs to cast closer eye on broadband ripoffs

Interview Ofcomwatch blog logo As chair of the Trade and Industry commons select committee, Peter Luff MP is one of most influential figures in telecoms. He sat down with Ofcomwatch editors Luke Gibbs and Russ Taylor recently to talk about the increasing politicisation of the regulator, his broadband concerns, and the recent phone …
Ofcomwatch, 11 Jun 2007
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Ofcom chief on phone rip-offs, Virgin, and Web 2.0

Interview Ofcomwatch blog logo Luke Gibbs, co-founder of the Ofcomwatch blog, conducted an in-depth interview with Ofcom's chief executive Ed Richards last month. You can read the full interview here. Do you think people are clear what they pay when they make phone calls in the UK? Well, not always and that's why we have made and …
Ofcomwatch, 16 Apr 2007

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